Friedrich Nietzsche and World

May 10 , 2020 | Youandworld | 0 comment

I love music. Very often I also hate it. But the music loves me, and it's enough to leave me, he left me in an instant he jumps to me and wants to be dear.

It is that honest thing to be ashamed of the best in you, because only you have it yourself.

I do not avoid people's close, very far between human and man, it is far from the long-term distance that leads me.

Seeing the sublime man, he becomes free, confident, broad-minded, calm, happy, and the perfect beauty shivers him and denies himself.

The aspiration of greatness is quite a traitor. Whoever fluent in greatness, he strives for goodness.

Want something and achieved that is considered a sign of strong character. But by not wanting something, in any case, it is special to the strongest, who feel like a body.

Whoever wants to become a leader of people should want to be considered the most dangerous enemy of them.

There is nothing good in the flocks, even when they run behind you.

The more free and stronger the individual is, the more strict becomes his love and finally he longs for a superman to be filled with his love.

The more you approach you until now valuable, to cool to a new warming.

We also have long-term ideas.

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