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My journey has not been easy and peaceful. I have tasted a lot of bitterness along the way, with doors closed to my face, smiles full of irony and contempt, malice hidden under jokes. "Don't be stubborn", "We have nothing for you", "Leave your address, we will write", "We have no time to waste on any random person" ... These and more. I have tasted it all

Like many, I swallowed my saliva, restrained my tears, and cried.

Like many, I thought it might be better not to say anything.

Like many people I have been angry at times, rude, rude to me.

Doubt and despair, the feeling of being misunderstood and lacking luck have often thrown me away. But I hid my pain, pulled it into my case, and gained strength to survive, protect myself.

Hunger, cold, tiredness, tearfulness were inseparable friends of my path.

Women whom I have always placed above everything have loved me, cheated, adored, abandoned. But before leaving I was given the illusions of happiness.

Therefore, I consider myself neither a victim nor a saint. Often I compensate them the same because I, like others, am a human being. For my part, I have often left them in tears. Not appreciating love, I ran after the lovers of love.

I cheated before they cheated on me, so I cheated on myself… What is life, that is love…

But this is not what I want to talk about, and the reason is not, believe me, I want to hide the dark corners of my life, no. I just don't want to make you part of my emotions and sadness. A successful person should not make a heartfelt description of his or her hard days.

I am so grateful to God for passing me through all these trials, giving me the opportunity to dream and live that dream.

After all, it's been my hard life and deceived love for me that made me do whatever or I dare say, let this not seem selfish, I like it.

If I had the chance to live again, I would have lived it all again.

Aznavour about Aznavour

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