Bill Gates. success formula

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William Henry Gates was born in Seattle in 1955. He is known as one of the richest people in the world who has earned his wealth with his own brain.

But success was not easy for him. At school, he had serious problems with spelling and several other subjects, which he considered very simple. In school, he was sent to a psychologist for poor behavior.

In his memoirs, he explained this to computer science. All my free time was spent on programming, spending 20-30 hours every week in a computer class. Once an attempt was made to restrict her access to the password of a computer, which she was able to crack. As a result, he spent the entire summer without a computer as punishment.

Failures also haunted him at Harvard. He dropped out of college after second year. There is no evil without good; He began to devote more time to programming. Microsoft was founded in two years.

Two decades later, Bill Gates earned more than $ 50 billion, employing more than 78,000 people in 105 countries.

Here are the rules of success that Bill Gates developed for himself:

1. Examine your competitors. In the morning, Gates held a special ceremony to visit the websites of his competitors.

2. Be decisive. The main feature of the manager is even the most daring acceptance of the worst news. Be cool, then any problems will be solved faster. Try to find out the bad news first, and then only the good ones.

3. Navigation on the Internet. The future is with him. In the coming years, there will be only two types of companies - those that are online and those that have stopped doing business.

4. Do not pay attention to success. This is misleading and temporary. When you reach the goal, do not sit back, start working immediately to achieve the next goal. Competitors are not idle.

5. Create conditions for development. The goal of an experienced leader is to create a favorable working environment for employees. They reciprocate.

6. Get started today. If you do not get something at work, start your own business. Bill Gates started his garage business. Spend time on what really interests you.

7. Think. Take a break from your usual environment several times a year to think about ways to solve accumulated problems.

8. Fear of losing. Doubt your actions before they are completed, and then come to a conclusion.

9. Rely on new technologies. Electronic information can work wonders.

10. Cut yourself off from the crowd. It does not always go in the right direction. Always choose your development path.

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