Charlie Chaplin's letter to his daughter

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It is now night. Birthday night. All the naked guards in my little castle have fallen asleep. Both your brother and sister are sleeping. Even your mother is already asleep. I had little time to wake those sleepy birds until I reached my dimly lit room.

How far I am from you, but let my eyes be blinded to the fact that your image, for a moment, is out of my sight. He is there at my table, here in my heart. There, in fairy-tale Paris, you dance on the stage of the glorious theater in the Elysées. I know it well, and it seems to me that in this silence of the night I hear your footsteps, I see your eyes shining like the stars in the winter night. I have heard that you play the role of a Persian beauty in this festive and shimmering performance, captivated by the Tatar khan. Be beautiful and dance, be a star and shine, but if the joy of the audience and the words of gratitude make you drunk, if your head swings from the fragrance of the flowers you give, then take a corner and read my letter, listen be in the voice of heaven;

I'm your father, Geraldine .

I, Charlie, Charlie Chaplin.

Do you know how many nights I spent at your bedside when you were little? I used to tell you tales of both a sleeping beauty and an ever-evolving dragon. "Go away, my sleep is my daughter's dreams." I saw your dreams, Geraldine , I saw your future, your day. I saw a girl playing on the stage, a butterfly soaring in the sky. I was listening to people say, "Do you see this girl? This is the daughter of that old clown. Do you remember what his name was Charlie ”?

Today is your turn. Dance! I danced in wide torn trousers and you danced in princess silk. These dances and thunder of applause will take you to heaven. Get up! Get up there, my daughter, but come back to earth. you have to see how people live, how street dancers live in those suburbs. They dance, trembling with cold and hunger. I've been what they are, Geraldine.
Those nights, those magical nights when you were asleep waking up to my fairy tales, I didn't sleep. I was looking at your face, listening to your heartbeat and asking myself " Charlie , will this puppy ever know you?" You don't know me, Geraldine ... I've told you many tales during those long nights, but mine, my fairytale, didn't tell. And it's also interesting. A tale of a hungry clown who dances and sings in the poor neighborhoods of London, and then ... begs for mercy ...

... I have to die, but you have to live ... I wish you never knew what poverty was.
With this letter I am sending you an unfilled cash check so you can spend as much as you want. But when you spend two francs, don't forget to remind yourself that the third is not yours. it must belong to the stranger who needs it . And you'll easily find one like that. I'm talking to you about money because I know its demonic power. You know, I've spent a lot of time in the circus and have always had a fear for the tweezers. But I must tell you, my daughter, one truth. people on the ground are more unstable than the tumblers on the shaky cord. Maybe this evening you will be blinded by a precious diamond glitter. this will be your hopeless rope, and your fall is inevitable. It may be a beautiful day to be captivated by the beauty of a prince. at that moment you will become an inexperienced rider, and the inexperienced always fall. Don't sell your heart with gold and ornaments, know that the biggest diamond is the sun . Fortunately, he enlightens everyone. And when one day you fall in love with someone, dedicate them to the end. I told my mother that she would write to you about it. He knows love better than I do. it's better to talk about it…


I know that there is an eternal fight between fathers and sons. Fight with me, my thoughts, my daughter. I do not like obedient children, and as long as my eyes do not tear at these lines, I want to believe that this birthday is a night of miracles. I wish it were a miracle that you really understood everything I wanted to say to you.

I wasn't an angel, but as much as I could, I tried to be human .

Try it yourself.

I kiss you.


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