Judgment a parable

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There was a old man in the village. He was very poor, but even kings envied him because he had a beautiful white horse. The kings gave him a great price, but the old man always said

- This horse is not a horse for me. He is a person. How can I sell a person, sell to a friend?

The old man was poor but didn't sell the horse.
One time he saw that the horse was not in the manger. The whole village gathered and people said

- You're a stupid old man. We know that someday it will happen. It would be better to sell a horse. O misfortune!
- Saying so don't go too far. Just say that the horse is not in place, "replied the old man " - The fact is, the rest is judgment . Whatever happened, whether it's a misfortune or a blessing, I don't know, because it's just a episode . Who knows what will happen next?
People were laughing at the old man, but only 15 days later the horse returned at night. They hadn't stolen the horse he had just fled to freedom and now he even brought a horse with him. The people again gathered and said

“You were right, old man. This was not a misfortune, but a blessing.
-You go far again. Just say that the horse is back, who knows whether this is a blessing or not. It's just a episode . You have read just one word in the phrase, how can you judge the whole book?
The old man had only a single son. He started riding, riding and training horses. Just a week later he fell off the horse and broke both legs. People came together again to make a judgment

- You have again proved your righteousness. This is a misfortune. Your only son has lost his twin legs, and at this age he is your only refuge.
- You're just caught with the urge to judge. Don't go that far. Just tell me that my son has broken his legs. Life comes in pieces, and more is not given to us.
So it was that a few weeks later a war broke out and all the boys went to the army. The whole village was screaming and crying because they knew that most of the youth would not return. They came to the old man and said,

- You're an old man right? now it is clearly a blessing. Although your son is disabled, he is with you, and our sons are gone forever.
The old man said
-You continue to judge . Nobody knows it. Just say your sons are fit for the army, and mine aren't. Only God, the Absolute, knows whether it is a misfortune or a blessing

Judgment means a stagnant state of mind. The mind is always trying to judgment because being in a state of development is dangerous and uncomfortable. In fact, the journey never ends. One part ends, but the other begins instead, one door closes, another opens. You reach the top, but someone else appears higher. Life is a never-ending journey .

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