Keep your goals secret

May 20 , 2020 | Youandworld | 0 comment

Please, think about your biggest goal. Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl. Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl.

 Imagine their congratulations and their high opinion of you. Isn't it nice to say it out loud? Don't you feel one step closer to your goal, as if it is already becoming a part of you?

Well, bad news. you need to keep your mouth shut, because that good feeling is unlikely to accomplish your goal. Psychological tests that have been tested for a long time confirm that telling your purpose to someone else will reduce the likelihood of it happening.

Every time you set a goal, there are certain steps that need to be taken to achieve that goal. Ideally, you will not be satisfied until the job is done, but when you tell others about your goal and they know about it, you get satisfaction. According to psychologists, this is called social reality. In this situation, your mind wanders. It's as if it's already done.

 Then, because you have that feeling of satisfaction, you are less interested in doing the hard work required. This contradicts the common perception of all of us. We need to tell our friends about our goals so that they can support us.

 Let's look at the evidence.

 In 1926, Kurt Levine, the founder of social psychology, called the process a "replacement."

In 1933, Vera Mahler discovered that if she knew others, her brain would perceive her real.

In 1982, Peter Golwitzer wrote a whole book about it, and in 2009 he published the results of new experiments.
Thus, 163 people wrote down their goals in 4 separate experiments, half of them stated their goals and the other half did not. Then everyone was given 45 minutes to work, which should have been aimed directly at achieving the goal, but they were told they could finish the job whenever they wanted.

 Those who kept their mouths shut worked for an average of 45 minutes, after which they were asked if they had a long way to go. But those who spoke out about their goal completed the work after an average of 33 minutes, and in the end answered that they felt closer to achieving their goal.

Well, if this is true, what can we do? You can resist the temptation to proclaim the purpose, you can delay the satisfaction of being accepted, and you can realize that your mind is wrong by taking words for granted. But if you really need to say something, you have to do it so that you are not satisfied.

People, when you are tempted to tell about your goals next time, what will you say NOTHING? That's right.

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