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11 secrets to managing

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We all know that not everyone can become a good leader . The latter is distinguished by certain traits and behaviors that make him a leader . We present their description of Napoleon Hill.

The most important Management features are

1. courage and determination . they are anchored on their own knowledge and the work to which they have dedicated their lives. No performer would want to work under the guidance of a brave leader. No reasonable person would long tolerate such a leader .

2. Self-control . a person who is not in control of himself cannot control others. Self-control is an excellent indicator of employee appraisal, and employees strive to imitate the leader in their understanding.

3. Sharp sense of justice . by not possessing it, the leader loses the respect of the subordinates and loses the moral right to command them.

4. Clarity of decisions . A person who is shaky in his decisions inspires mistrust, so he cannot manage effectively.

5. Plans clarity . Successful Manager plans its work and works on plans. Without clear, practically feasible plans, the lucky leader floats in the direction of the current, like a sailboat without sails and a leader. sooner or later he will hit the rocks.

6. overtime habit . One of the commitments volunteered by the manager should be to work harder than his employees require.

7. person blackmail . Indifference and confusion will never succeed. Leadership requires respect for oneself. Employees of the Supervisor who do not follow his authority cease to respect him.

8. empathy and understanding . The successful leader lives, encourages his subordinates, and can always come to terms with them. Moreover, he must understand their problems.

9. Perfect knowledge of the subject and situation . Managing knows the job like his five fingers.

10. Willingness to assume all responsibility . The successful manager should always be ready to take on the mistakes and omissions of his subordinates. He who tries to leave the responsibility to someone else does not stay in office for long. If one of the subordinates makes a mistake or is unable to do something, the manager must consider that it is his own failure.

11. Partnership . Managing must clearly understand and apply the principle of collaborative effort in subordinate relationships by nurturing interoperability. Management needs energy and strength, and it gives the collaboration.

Develop these qualities within yourself and you will become a leader who is respected, trusted and trusted. And the latter will make your team a great success

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