The road to success

March 20 , 2020 | Youandworld | 0 comment

We all want to be successful and confident . We look at successfully glittering people and think about what helps them reach such heights that ordinary mortality seems to us unlikely to reach. But there are still recipes, they are many, here are some:

1. Stop blaming your parents for all your failures
Do you remember what mom was saying? He was often praised, endorsed, or perhaps, on the contrary, criticized. So forget about it right away. Do not accept mother's thoughts, words of discontent. Do not let the inferiority that is embedded within you govern your life. These are not your thoughts, not what you strive for, what you dream about. Do the opposite - look into the eyes of the truth and confess (you only evaluate yourself, from a non-mother's perspective) that you have shortcomings and that you are responsible for them. And playing the role of a victim has lost meaningless years of precious life.

2. Work on your shortcomings
You should work on identifying the deficiencies. Yes, imagine that they will not disappear anywhere on their own, and if they are prevented from living a successful life, they should be rid of them. Are you aggressive, jealous, or maybe angry? Remember, starting a new life on Monday or New Year will never succeed. One can start a new life right now.

3. Don't follow the stereotypes
Don't be like everyone else. Don't be like others, don't do everything by looking at "what others will say". Don't live that way, just because that's what is going on around you. Be what you want to be. Fulfill your wishes, don't hide them. Just make no mistake - no one can force you into anything.

4. Fill your life with great things
Life can be filled with constant shopping, sitting on the couch, watching TV. This tool is perfect for those who want to kill both time and the world inside them. Others need to think about what they are doing. Ickare, you can become a goodwill ambassador, save the hungry. But sometimes you don't have to put in so much effort. Making the world better can be done by doing more real work. Collect garbage next to the house, help an elderly neighbor. They wouldn't write about it in the newspapers, they wouldn't show it on TV, but it was another matter to make the world better.
And so, toward new horizons, make your life special. Include yourself in the list of successful people.

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