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Reasons for failure Napoleon Hill. Part 1

April 04 , 2020 | Youandworld | 4 comment

Think And Grow Rich, based on Napoleon Hill's findings of what makes people fail or succeed, you can now narrow down what is causing success to avoid you.

Think And Grow Rich is considered one of the greatest books on success of all time.

It took Napoleon Hill about 25 years of his life to study the most successful people on the planet, figure out what made them successful and what makes the other 98% of the world either mediocre or average.

1.Unfavorable Hereditary background
If you have some kind of deficiency of brain power because of a disability or some sort, there is not much you can do about it. This is the only one of the 30 causes of failure that cannot be easily corrected.

2. Lack of a well-defined purpose in life
If you don't have some kind of goal that you are aiming for, how are you supposed to achieve anything or therefore be successful? Have a clear, defined goal that you want to achieve and know why you are working to reach it.

3. Lack of ambition to aim above mediocrity
People who don't want to get ahead in life can never be successful. This when you just don't want to even try to improve your life and would rather stay at a mediocre level. I doubt most people actually intend to stay mediocre their entire lives.

4. Insufficient education
A lack of the right education can be overcome with ease. In Think And Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill explains that it is not so much the most highly educated people in school that are the most successful, but the ones who self educate themselves.

School cannot teach you experience. It is not all about knowledge, but knowledge that is applied that is important.

5. Lack of self-discipline
If you step in front of the mirror and feel like you see your greatest enemy, this may be one of your biggest causes of failure. You must learn self-control to avoid letting any negative qualities overtake you. You must develop your mind and become your own best friend to conquer yourself this way.

6. Ill health
If you aren't healthy, you probably don't ever feel like getting much work done. This is another aspect of self-control that many people struggle with. The 5 main causes of ill health outlined in the book are:

•Overeating of foods that don't promote good health
•Wrong expression of thought; giving expression to negatives
•Wrong use of and overindulgence in sex
•Lack of consistent physical exercise
•Improper breathing, causing an inadequate supply of fresh air

7. Unfavorable environmental influences during childhood
One thing you definitely cannot do is live in the past.

“If you drive with a rearview mirror, you're going to crash.”

-Tony Robbins

Most people that become criminals had pretty bad childhoods or just grew up in a bad environment. Many have been through this and overcome it though, so others must learn to do the same to be successful by surrounding themselves with the right supportive people.

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