I am waiting for you

March 20 , 2020

I'm waiting for you…

     I know you won't come

     You can't come too,

     but why do you think you are coming?

     I'm waiting for you.

     I don't expect anything from you.

     at least once,

     feel alone with me once,

     Drink coffee with you and just

     I want to talk to you a few words.

     It seems to me that you've just left everything one day,

you will rise above everyone else and leave for me.

     You come as if the words are dear,

     I've heard a lot from your mouth,

     but now they are so dim in my memory -

like this candle on my desk,

     which makes the last efforts of life.
Your favorite memories are like this candle, too.

     they don't want to go out,

     want to burn,

     They want to light my heart, my mind, my way of life.

     I'm waiting for you ... I'm waiting,

     to tell you everything -

     what happened to you after me,

     and a lot of things really happened with me.

     I went through the storms,

     I was often saved from drowning,

     And now, thank God, I'm already at peace.

     Come tell me myth…

     Do you know what my situation is now?

     I'm very peaceful

     and I am very much like a calm sea after a hurricane.

   I'm resting.

     I have thrown away all that is oppressive:

     I have released all the bits of my soul,

     I let my emotions go:

     the feeling is unbounded from within

I'm waiting for you…

I know you want to come,

 but you can't too ...
but nevertheless -

I am waiting for you…


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