March 20 , 2020

They say that without love

One can live together.

I deny it.

Can't you die, huh?
Not to live

I would also deny the existence of the sun,

If not the sun was shining,

In other books a matte bath

And just get buried in the books.

I would deny the existence of a leaf, too
Or leaf on the tree, not radish,

Only dig in other layers of coal.

I would deny the existence too,

Apparently, it wouldn't be visible:

Or as a good wish?
Did you just cancel?

I know very well,

What is the wish? -

Bringing back lost childhood,

Converting the Price of Cheapness

From the Choking Hand of Bankruptcy

You get rid of the inheritance that is not coming
From the Open Skies of Housing

You are separated from your heavenly abode.

Noise from work

Breathe in the fictional loneliness

You dream of a thin back,

My dear daughter!

You want two healthy legs,

My poor daughter!

Probably an eye catcher

To you, my girl!

Mowing grass,
Do you really want a tongue?

You, dark night,

At least a little light and laser ...

Do I know well?

What is desire?

But do you just want to be full? -

I deny it.

Just dreaming of a dream,

I deny it

I deny, I don't accept,

When they deny it only by word?

Not by experience,

Not in business

I deny when not looking for

A new road ahead,

Other Threats with Returns

When they are seriously boasted and boasted
Not just with ice,

With other supplies and that water,

And for free!
Cheap heat,

That has not melted and has not yet evaporated

This ice contains ...

As you do not believe

Medieval spirits,

I also deny the existence of heat,

If they are ... still ice.


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