Charles Aznavour's "You Must Be Able"

March 20 , 2020

You must be able to smile yet
When all the best is gone
And only the worst is left
In this life is meaningless.

Dignity must be kept
Whatever it takes
And leave without looking back
Forgetting everything.

When fate disarmed
And happiness is lost
You must be able to hide your tears
Well, my heart did not know how.

You must be able to leave the table
When love is served
And don't stand lost
And it will be removed silently.

You must be able to hide your grief
Under the daily mask
And pacify the cry of hatred
What are the last words of love.

Must be able to stay cold
And keep silent the dying heart.
You must be able to hide your feelings
But I, my heart, I love you so much!
And I, I can't
I must be able to, but I
I can not...


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