My son. Paruyr Syak

March 20 , 2020

Be with me or without me, my baby , you will grow up,
With my help or without me, you will never understand
How to live life, how to look at life,

What is cheap in the world, what is priceless in the world?
I neither respect nor tolerate the disciplined reader.
I always shy away from flat or sharp sermons, my son.

And now, my baby , I'm reading a speech to your head,
Then just because too often in a person's life
If time has a large share, it is the century itself.
But the path he has chosen does not affect him so much.
Maybe the same thing happened to you that often covered me.
I have often envied the people around me.

Their lives are easy - it's not life, it's a highway
Unhindered and unhindered, as calm and straight as a ruler.
School, then some university, an influential caller, -

And the warm place is provided…
You can't live like that!
I don't want your life to be like a smooth highway.
Don't cross the asphalt road, prefer to build a road.

Always be at peace with love, but do not shy away from suffering.
He cleanses the eye from dust, he cleanses the soul from rust.
They don't die of suffering, no, they insist more,
The healed heart is then easily relieved by the pain.

Oh, don't look. Your father never tolerates the giver…
It is much better, son, to sprinkle your eyes with bitter tears
And keep going. Let him be stony,
But if there is good in your soul, good, longing for love,
You will not get tired, you will walk. you will ascend the mountain.
That's why we need a spirit, that's why we don't need numbers!

Be honest in everything - who died of starvation in life?
There is no exile for truth - why be silent about lies?
And there are still people around us who bend their backs when necessary.
When they need to, they roar, do they need to smile, do they need to be silent

Do they have to plant their own fingers? Don't be a jerk in life
You understood from this very chapter, never forget, my son.
Honesty is only that it doesn't change, no matter how you turn it upside down.
He has a white face, not seven or eight colorful stars…

Don't complain. Do you remember. "Sad days will come and go"…
Don't complain. If you fall behind, get yourself:

Don't complain, but don't read life like a book.
Like a book, away from you, about some strangers…
Be proud, but not arrogant (empty man is arrogant,
Your smart and stupid father used to differentiate with that).

Feel proud like your father that you didn't demolish anyone's house.
You have not cut off any honest words, you have not imprisoned any honest thoughts,
How straightforward are you to walk in life and be silent if often,
Then just for the sake of retail
Often only Zizi-Biz bells are thrown at the market.
And you are devoid of zizi-biz, you don't have counterfeit money either…

You're still young, you still don't know how to look at life.
You are still young. When you grow up, you will become an adult.
My advice may seem outdated, it may seem unnecessary.
There will never be such gaps in life.

Oh, God forbid. I don't dream of anything else in life
(The blind man, my son, as you know, only wants two eyes.)
Let my advice grow old… The flower just dies like that,
When in the summer it becomes a mature fruit on the tree.

I'm ready to smoke today for the bright bonfire,
For the sake of tomorrow's truth, let me be wrong today:


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