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You and the World 'is a social-psychological site.
The site is educational. Here are some articles on success, personal development, skills and knowledge, career and interpersonal relationships.
The target group of the site is mainly people who are interested in self-development, self-education and have great aspirations in life.
Website Features:
1. "You and the World" site is social-psychological, so it has a great impact on the target audience, creating trust and loyalty. it's an article, a video or an ad
2. We focus on the number of visitors, not the level of loyalty, loyalty and trust that allows us to keep the content of the site at a high level.
3. The site has a beautiful layout and is convenient to use.

The motto of the site is:
There are two worlds : your inner self և where you live. Happiness is in the harmony of the two

Gevorg Abgaryan

Gevorg Abgaryan
YOU AND THE WORLD is the editor of the site Gevorg Abgaryan. I studied at YSU Radiophysics: in the faculty. Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences. I teach at YSU Faculty of Radiophysics and at "SUNNY SCHOOL // SUN SCHOOL" training center.
Creating websites.
: Phone: 0 94 31-90-31.
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Gevorg Abgaryan

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